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Bitcoin and Tether

Bitcoin Libre is the fastest way to send, receive, and swap Bitcoin and Tether anywhere in the world, instantly and without fees.

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Bitcoin Libre Mobile App Tether No Gas Fees

Global, digital cash. Bitcoin is your savings account, Tether is your checking account.

The Bitcoin Libre App showing how to win free Bitcoin.

Win Free Bitcoin Daily

Spin the Libre wheel once every 24 hours and win between 5 and 5,000 sats. Completely free. One spin per user per day.

Trade Bitcoin Instantly

Trade Bitcoin and Tether inside of Bitcoin Libre very fast, with very low trading fees - only 0.1%.

Swap Bitcoin Tether Instantly with Low fees

People love using Bitcoin Libre

Here are some nice things our users have said about us

This app is really easy to navigate and it makes managing your finances as easy as possible. Account setup with this app is also easy and you wont have to worry about making any complicated commitments as soon as you download.


iOS App Store

Easy to download, create wallet, receive Bitcoin, and send for free. I have a proton wallet and was able to send 1 sat for free to that wallet. I think this will be a great simple wallet. Can’t wait to see where this goes from here.


iOS App Store

So far so good. Smooth and simple GUI for basic functions without laggy add-ons. Great interface making navigating in the app very intuitive.

Phat Liu

Googel Play Store

Fast, simple, good support, earn some sats with Spin The Wheel, all very nice. Recommended 👍

Arthur van Pelt

Googel Play Store

Nice App indeed. Their customer care support is superb. Thank you very much Bitcoin Libre team to give us such a wonderful experience. Really grateful to you.

Md. Fakrul Islam

Googel Play Store

Download it now, it’s so simple to use and free! Well done, team. It’s incredible to think we can send any amount of Bitcoin to anyone in the world almost instantly and without fees, my mind is blown!


iOS App Store